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Kamala LBT Villa- KML#016

Villa Features:

Villa Kamala LBT is an extraordinary, five-level, 1213 square meter villa. Situated on a dramatic and secluded oceanfront headland on Phuket’s ‘Millionaires Mile’. Villa Liberty sets a new luxury standard as one of the finest oceanfront villas currently available for unforgettable holidays in South East Asia.

Villa Kamala LBT is a world-class residence of outstanding design and location. Offering the freedom of a private and secure luxury home and the spirit of an uninhibited world-class position, which is just a short drive to the island’s best beaches, restaurants, golf courses, shopping and nightlife.

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Location: Kamala Beach
Bedrooms: 6
Bathrooms: 6
Maximum Stay: 12
Orientation: Hill
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Holiday Offering:

Designed and completed by renowned Paris-based architect, Arte Charpentier, every component of this grand estate has been exquisitely detailed as an imaginative architectural response to the outstanding surrounds. Unwinding and vacationing at Liberty is a quick route to nirvana and a trip into the all-encompassing luxury. Liberty loves her guests as do her guests love her; the warmth and the inspiring presence of this estate, is the very essence of the ideal holiday destination… without compare.

Unrivalled sea and sunset views set the scene for the five levels of ultra-fine living, complete with six ultra-luxurious bedrooms, all well-appointed and a glorious testament to fine taste and enviable style.

Any guest at Liberty partakes in a truly royal escapade, comfort, seclusion and luxury are not only its attributes, impressive indulgence and tranquility mingle contently together within the impressive grounds.

Villa Facilities:

Villa Kamala LBT has various factors that contribute to your vacation being one of sublime experience and comfort. The ultimate private cinema and entertainment room bring cinema legends to life and give games an entirely new meaning. The master European and Thai kitchen, the pool and outdoor bar, the private seaside sala and a decked relaxation pavilion overlooking the Andaman Sea are all exquisite. It is these very things that make for the perfect getaway retreat for those that truly deserve it and require it. The villa also offers the unique feature of having its own completely private man-made beach accessible via steps adjacent to the amazing sala that plays host to sunsets that inspire poetry. The sala also has massage tables and professional masseurs are available on request to help you completely unwind in your own private piece of heaven.

Rental Terms & Conditions:

Unless agreed otherwise by the Lessor, check in time is 3:00pm and check out time is 12:00pm. Early arrival or late departure will depend upon availability of the villa.

The early check in fee is US$500.00 from 10am onwards.

The late check out fee is US$500.00 until 6pm. After 6:00pm, the full daily rate is applicable.

Only the number of persons stipulated in the Rental Agreement may reside at the property as guests. Registered guests cannot exceed the number of guests provided at the time of booking by the lessee.

Should the Lessor or the Lessor Representative find that the number of people staying at the property exceeds the number of registered guests, the Lessor or the Lessor Representative may, at his or her absolute discretion, ask the extra person or persons to either pay the applicable additional charge as per the published rate or to vacate the property forthwith. The cost for unregistered guests is US$300.00 per person per night.

In case a party is to be organized within the property for a number of guests in excess of the registered guests in the villa, a surcharge of US$1,500 will be applicable. In addition, a guarantee deposit of US$6,000 will be collected on site from which a cleaning surcharge of up to US$350 will be deducted before refund to the Lessee. Note that any parties must be authorised by the owner, in advance.

No pets are allowed on the entire property.

A non-refundable 50% deposit is due within 5 calendar days of booking the villa. For Peak Season (see in the next paragraph below) bookings, full payment is due 90 days prior to Lessee’s arrival date. For bookings during the rest of the year, full payment is due 60 days prior to Lessee’s arrival date.

Minimum stay:
There is a 14-day minimum stay requirement during the Peak Season (Dec 15 -Jan 15).
There is a 3-day minimum stay requirement throughout the rest of the year.

A 15 % security deposit (but not less than $2500) is payable at the time payment is provided. If all bank details have been received prior to the arrival date, it will be returned to the lessee no later than one week after check out, less the cost of any damage or breakages during the rental period of the Villa, if applicable.

If there is any damage and costs that exceed the amount of the deposit, the Lessee will remain liable to the Lessor to pay the same promptly.

If Lessee cancels the booking, the Lessor will retain part of the rental amount as follows:

6.1 If Lessee cancels within 45 days prior to the beginning of the rental period the entire rental amount will be forfeited.
6.2 If Lessee cancels 46 days or more before the beginning of the rental period, the Lessor will forfeit 50% of the rental amount.
6.3 For Peak Season bookings, if the Lessee cancels 75 days or more before the beginning of the rental period, the Lessor will forfeit 50% of the rental amount. If Lessee cancels within 60 days prior to the beginning of the rental period, the entire rental amount will be forfeited.

Each guest must have comprehensive travel insurance (including cancellation, flight delays, loss and damage to baggage and other property) and health insurance (including evacuation and repatriation coverage). Liability insurance is also required.

Lessor shall not be responsible for any delay, additional expense or inconvenience caused directly or indirectly by events outside of Lessor's control such as civil disturbances, fires, floods, severe weather, or Acts of God.

The Lessor cannot be held liable for interruptions to the supply of water, electricity, Internet
connection or breakdown of swimming pool filtration systems, though the Lessor will use their best endeavours to arrange for any such problems to be solved quickly.

If there are any problems during the rental period that could not be solved by dealing directly with the local villa staff, contact the Lessor, the Villa Concierge, or the Lessor’s local representative immediately and they will use their best endeavours to rectify the situation. It is understood that infrastructure, local standards and conditions are often of a less developed nature in a remote resort location than in more urban environments. The Lessor or its representative will do as much as can be reasonably expected to avoid and rectify.

Any complaints should be made in writing to the Lessor within 24 hours of the occurrence.

No complaints to will be considered if made after the departure date.

The Lessor is responsible for the correct and appropriate behaviour of the guests staying at the Villa. Should any member of the party behave in a manner considered inappropriate, either the Lessor or the local representative may at their absolute discretion ask the offending guest or guests to vacate the Villa forthwith. No refund can be claimed from the Lessor in such case.

The owner or his or her representative may enter the villa at any time.

Following the association with "The Code" developed by Kuoni Travel, IPSL, the Lessor and the local representative endeavour to contribute to the fight against child prostitution and trafficking.

It is also prohibited to act unlawfully in any way whatsoever and to bring in and/or use/consume any illegal substances. Police authorities will be immediately informed of any offenders.

In addition, in line with its moral duty and respect for the local employees, as well as for the safety of our valued guests and the protection of the property, guests are not permitted to bring male or female joiners back to the villa.

The service of some staff is included at the villa. Additional services such as those of babysitters and/or drivers can be sourced in advance or on site upon request. Although such services cannot be guaranteed and will depend on availability, the Villa Concierge will do their best to find suitable arrangements.

Under NO circumstances can staff at the Villa be asked to look after any minors staying at the Villa.

The Lessee shall allow staff, pool maintenance and gardeners reasonable access to the Villa and the grounds for the purpose of maintaining the Villa and the grounds, pool and property.

All food and beverage items purchased on behalf of guests will be charged to guests at cost plus 20%. The 20% surcharge covers cooking gas, transportation and all costs incurred from cooking and kitchen-related expenses.

Linen and towels are provided at the Villa. We have adopted a "Save the Planet" eco-policy, so the linens are changed every seven (7) days, or as deemed necessary. Towels will be replaced when they are placed in the towel basket. If more frequent changes are required, there may be extra charges.

All interior furnishings and furniture must remain inside the villa, and only exterior furnishings and designated outdoor furniture may be used for external purposes.

Rates exclude airport pick up and return. Taxis and airport transfers can be arranged through the Villa Concierge. Local taxis can be arranged by the Villa Concierge or the Villa Manager.

The Lessee agrees not to do, or permit to be done, anything whereby any insurance of the Villa against loss or damage by fire may become void or avoidable or whereby the rate of premium for any such insurance may be increased.

The Lessee accepts and acknowledges that he or she is responsible and liable for the safety and well being of all guests and third parties staying at the Villa during the time of the rental.

The Lessee and guests are required to take due care when residing at the villa and be especially watchful of children playing in the gardens, near the entrance from the main road, or near or in the pool.

Children MUST be under direct supervision of an adult at all times when staying at the Villa.

Furthermore, guests are not permitted to enter the Villa when wet from swimming, as the floors can be slippery. Damage or injury arising as a result shall not be the responsibility of Lessor.

Lessee accepts and acknowledges and indemnifies and holds the Lessor harmless from and against, any liability resulting from any claims whatsoever as a consequence of accidents leading to injury or loss of life of any guests or visitors of the Villa for the duration of the rental.

This is a non-smoking Villa. Smoking is not permitted within the villa, however, smoking is
permitted in the outdoor areas of the Villa.

For weddings and events, the lessee will be required to pay an event fee of $US1500 and a
refundable security deposit of $US6000.

All events and weddings must be organized by a professional planner. Villa staff are not able to assist with planning. A plan for the event must be submitted to the Lessor Representative or Villa Concierge for approval at least two weeks prior to the date of the wedding or event.

A personal safety deposit box is provided in each of the bedrooms. It is strongly recommended that it be used to store valuable items such as passports, cash, traveller’s checks, mobile phones, cameras etc.

Any valuables left at the property are the guests’ sole responsibility and neither the Lessor nor the staff can be held responsible for any loss of, or damage to, personal property.

Villa Liberty contains many precious contemporary and antique art pieces. This collection is part of the uniqueness of the villa. Guests must be aware of the unique nature of these works of art and antiques and be especially cautious to avoid any damage.

Any damage to artworks and antiques during the rental period will be the responsibility of the Lessee and any damages incurred by the Lessor will be set off against the security deposit referred to above and if these damages exceed the amount of the security deposit the Lessee shall be liable to compensate the Lessor for the difference.


Liberty is just minutes away from the village and beach of Kamala, and within 25 minutes of the fashionable Laguna area with the Banyan Tree Resort and Golf Club and the Phuket International Airport. Central Department Store, Blue Canyon Golf Club and the night life of Patong are all less than 15 minutes away.
There are many words to describe Liberty, but the most expressive will be your own… that moment when you are arrive, and simply say to yourself “WOW!”

1 Bedroom
Season Price (US) Season Periode
Low USD975 Apr 24th - Oct 31st
Mid USD1250 Nov 1st - Dec 18th
High USD1350 Jan 12th - Apr 12th
Not Available Dec 19th - Jan 11th
2 Bedrooms
Season Price (US) Season Periode
Low USD1150 Apr 24th - Oct 31st
Mid USD1450 Nov 1st - Dec 18th
High USD1600 Jan 12th - Apr 12th
Not Available Dec 19th - Jan 11th
3 Bedrooms
Season Price (US) Season Periode
Low USD1324 Apr 24th - Oct 31st
Mid USD1650 Nov 1st - Dec 18th
High USD1850 Jan 12th - Apr 12th
Not Available Dec 19th - Jan 11th
4 Bedrooms
Season Price (US) Season Periode
Low USD1500 Apr 24th - Oct 31st
Mid USD1850 Nov 1st - Dec 18th
High USD2100 Jan 12th - Apr 12th
Not Available Dec 19th - Jan 11th
5 Bedrooms
Season Price (US) Season Periode
Low USD1675 Apr 24th - Oct 31st
Mid USD2050 Nov 1st - Dec 18th
High USD2350 Jan 12th - Apr 12th
Not Available Dec 19th - Jan 11th
6 Bedrooms
Season Price (US) Season Periode
Low USD1850 Apr 24th - Oct 31st
Mid USD2250 Nov 1st - Dec 18th
High USD2600 Jan 12th - Apr 12th
USD4800 Dec 19th - Jan 11th
Rate quoted in USD per night subject to additional TAX and Service Charges, unless specified on final offering.
Testimonials/See what people say about this villa:
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Name: John
“Liberty Villa has definitely provided us with many luxuries you can only have the privilege of having if you come here. It is so great there isn’t much they can improve on. As previous guests have written about, I agree that this place is great for having a great night’s sleep, as the ocean’s waves can lull you asleep. The view available is also unmatched. It is a great sight to see even when you’re using the swimming pool. Let’s also not forget the legendary food that is served at this villa at the time you wish it be. There are numerous exotic luxuries that can be found in the Liberty Villa that are not all listed here. Instead, I wish everyone who comes here the assurance that you are all guaranteed to make a memorable visit here in the Liberty Villa, and I feel sorry for everyone in the world that does not get to stay in this villa.”

Name: Roy
“The staff were out front awaiting our arrival, their hospitality could be seen from the first minute we stepped into the villa. Showing us around the villa and letting us choose the rooms we like for our stay. Every room had a nice facing so, choosing a room was quite easy as there is not one that is inferior to the other. The entertainment area was where we hung out most often as the design made it very comfortable to congregate and gather. The nice pool, sea view and big outdoor space was an added bonus. The food was great, the chef cooked well. Placing our orders could never have been easier. Everything was so convenient that after the stay one will experience great withdrawal symptoms. I will recommend anyone who is looking for a great villa to spend time, to team build here. It is now my current most recommended place to be!!”

Name: Meegs
“The villa is amazing. Staff are extremely friendly and helpful. The pool and pool area were my favorite things. The view was breathtaking, and the pool was always clean with plenty of towels. Also, the food was excellent. The staff went above and beyond. They were very helpful when it came to getting around Phuket. My dear friends had their wedding at Villa Liberty, and all I can say is wow! The place was absolutely amazing from the architecture to the views, and right down to the amazing staff. We stayed there for three days and everything was taken care of! The pool was amazing, the massage sala was heavenly, the decks seemed endless and were always a joyous treck to embark on. We had an amazing time and would love to go back again. Highly recommend this place for a family vacation, a friends get away, or a fun business gathering. Personally, I hope to go back soon.”

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